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Search tips


Here are some tips to search the databases easier.


Search for a date

When searching for a date, you have to use the following special characters:

To search between two dates, use the " : ", e.g.: "2000 : 2003".

To search starting from a date, use the ">" or ">=" to include it, e.g.: ">2000" or ">=2000".

To search before a date, use the "<", or "<=" to include it, e.g.: "<2000" or <=2000".


Keywords with a link

Some keywords and themes have a link that expand or filter the search result.

The links inside the search result set (in the middle of the screen) bring expand the search and propose you new results.

The links outside the search result set, at the right of the screen, narrow down your search by excluding the word you have selected.  

Multiple choices in scroll-down list

Use Ctrl key to select multiple choices in a scroll-down list.



Truncation can be done on the right side of the word.

The asterisk represents one or more characters, e.g.: environmenta*


Search result notice

A search result result notice consists of a short notice summaryzing the main information about the result. To obtain the complete information available in the notice, you can:

- click on the blue zone in the notice, or

- select your search result and click on "expand" in the left-hand menu.


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